Omega Mega Mouth 390 Pulp Ejector Juicer Review

Omega presents one of its best products, the Omega Mega Mouth 390 Juicer, with an inbuilt pulp dispenser and a large feed chute as its main attractions. The other features are its casing which is made of cast metal and it has a chrome finish. Along with these attributes, it also comes with stainless steel blades and pulp ejector basket.

My review if this product is:

The Omega Mega Mouth 390 Pulp Ejector Juicer comes with the ETL sanitation certification which is equivalent to NSF sanitation certification assuring the equipment to be fit for food production. It is designed for domestic and commercial uses. Due to its mirror like finish, the juicer looks attractive on any kitchen top, either at home or in any commercial premises.

The blade and heavy duty motor that the Omega Mega Mouth 390 Pulp Ejector Juicer work together to juice fruits and vegetables in a short time. Many commercial users look for a juicer that can be used domestically as well as in their small shops with similar efficiency. This particular model of Omega juicers has satisfied many users with its fast operation.


Omega 390 is another superb and efficient device with continuous pulp ejection features. One of the most appealing benefits of this model is an extra large feed chute. A sufficiently big feed chute plays a vital role in crushing fruits and vegetables, allowing large portions or even whole fruits to be inserted at once. The powerful grade motor takes less time to cut and prepare juice, snacks, butter, soy milk, baby food and much more. This allows you to get the maximum benefit of nutrients and flavors in less time, which is hard to find with other similar juicers.


  • The powerful commercial motor of the device consumes around ½ Horsepower to perform fast and efficient tasks consistently.
  • It is designed for both household and commercial use.
  • Pulp catch basket is provided at the back of the juicer for easy clean-up. Dump, clean and continue!
  • Two blades are incorporated with the device: stainless steel blade and removable blade for quick clean-up.
  • The cast metal housing looks supper elegant with a chrome finish.

The inbuilt pulp dispenser makes the clean-up much easier by automatically ejecting the pulp in the dispenser, so that you don’t have to clear the pulp after ejecting every few glasses of juice.


  • The newly designed large feed chute saves you lots of time in avoiding chopping products in small pieces.
  • The heavy duty motor comes with a 10 year warranty.
  • The balanced pulp ejector basket minimizes the vibration noise.
  • The precise design of the blade and basket extracts more juice consistently.
  • The rubber stands make the device rooted to its spot.
  • The inbuilt continuous dispenser keeps the kitchen a lot more hygienic.


  • If the dispenser is full, the basket may overflow and droplets may form streaks on the body.