Omega J8004 Masticating Juicer Review

Omega J8004 Masticating Juicer is designed and manufactured for both home and commercial uses. With the low RPM and high-speed inductive motor, the appliance has high power and increased working efficiency. The lower RPM rips the fruits and vegetables granularly, and prevents overheating and oxidation. On the other hand, the inductive motor increases the efficiency when hard ingredients are needed to be juiced. The final extract that is produced from this highly efficient juicer can then be preserved for up to 72 hours without losing the nutrition.


This juicer has been manufactured in a masticating style and usually works at low speed as compared to other juices available in the market. The low speed is very beneficial for your health, as it helps preserve healthy enzymes in your juice and prevent the formation of foam and froth, which results in oxidation. With such healthy enzymes, nutrients and anti-oxidants, you can store your juice for 72 hours. The dual stage device allows you to do more than you expect- like you can prepare baby food, snacks, all natural nuts butter, soy milk and much more.


  • The design incorporates Ultem Auger, which is about eight times robust than other juicers.
  • The power that motor consumes is around 2HP.
  • The system runs at a speed of 80rpm.
  • The low speed feature controls the formation of froth and foam, which further prevents oxidation.
  • The juicer works by squeezing the stuff, rather than grinding. This feature help preserve the vitamins, nutrients and flavors that naturally exists.
  • Due to low speed the juice output is much healthier and nutritious as compared to other faster juicers.
  • It doesn’t leak during juicing and is capable of extracting enough juice from even leafy green vegetables.

Omega J8004 Masticating is a dual-stage juicer which first juices the fruits and vegetables to their full. Once this is done and the appliance is about to auto eject the pulp, it squeezes the pulp completely. As a result, the overall juice that is extracted is around 20%-30% more as compared to the extraction produced by any other juicing appliance. Also, this leaves the pulp completely dry which means the consumers are benefited from financial aspect as well.

One of the best features that the Omega J8004 Masticating Juicer has is it can be disassembled and assembled very easily and quickly whenever needed. This makes the appliance portable and easily transportable without causing much trouble.

The pros and cons of the juicer are well described as following:


  • The reduced RPM can rip the ingredients granularly.
  • The dual-stage system that the juicer has is capable of extracting more juice from the fruits and vegetables.
  • Because of the low RPM, no foam is formed during extraction.


  • It can be used for commercial purposes, however there might be a slight delay in overall juicing process, depending upon the type of fruits or vegetables that are to be juiced.
  • Sometimes it has to be turned off in order to calm down the unnecessary vibration.