Omega C-20C Citrus Juicer Review

The Omega C-20C Citrus Juicer is the perfect juicer for small business owners / businesses who sell juices. It is also a great juicer to be used during events where large quantities of orange juice is needed. It can be a very useful asset for restaurants that produces and sells juices. At 1800 rotations per minute (RPM), this powerful citrus juicer can run continuously without getting overheated. The stainless steel blades that the juicer has, are strong and capable of juicing oranges or other citrus fruits very efficiently.

With its powerful motor, sharp blades and reasonable price, the Omega C-20C Citrus Juicer is the perfect juicer for commercial use. It will operate continuously for hours without any trouble.

The juicer comes with three different sized cones which makes it easy to juice fruits of different sizes without any fuss.

The mouth of the juicer has been made broader because of its commercial application. It will save you a lot of time and effort as you won’t need to cut fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces before feeding into the juicer.


This professional C20-C Juicer is manufactured to deal with all citrus fruits – whether you are tackling lemon, grapefruit or orange juice, this device will match your needs perfectly. Continuous juicing is one the most appealing and reliable features of this commercial grade juicer. Moreover, this super productive and efficient juicer is very easy to assemble and use.


  • The system runs at a very high speed of 1800rpm, therefore cuts down on time to produce juices.
  • The juicer looks elegant and stylish with a heavy duty cast aluminum housing and chrome finish.
  • It incorporates 3 juicing cones for convenience.
  • The kit includes many other accessories, including surgical stainless bowl, 3 cones to fit any citrus size, an easy-to-use splash guard and more.
  • An ideal juicer designed for continuous citrus juicing.
  • Product dimensions are: 10 x 10 x 15.8 inches.
  • The entire machine weighs around 22.5 pounds and saves you lots of space in your kitchen.

Here are my positives and negatives for this juicer:

Product Positives:

  • The Omega C-20C Citrus is far cheaper than any other commercial type juicer and yet has similar capabilities.
  • The stainless steel blades make it easier to juice fruits and vegetables in a short time as compared to other juicers available on the market.
  • It can work continuously for hours without overheating.

Product Negatives:

  • The juicer is slightly heavy.
  • It can be a little time-consuming to clean.

Overall, it is a very powerful and efficient juicer and can be easily operated with a single on/off button. Given it is a commercial juicer, it is reasonably priced.