Omega O2 Pulp Ejector Juicer Review

The Omega O2 pulp ejector juicer is a smaller version of Omega 4000 juicer. The two juicers share a lot of common features. For instance, they are both pulp ejecting centrifugal juicers and use 250 watt motors capable of maximum juice yield. This is a positive point for commercial juice sellers who need to produce fruit and vegetable juices in larger quantity as compared to domestic users.

In older generations of Omega Juicers, users complained about the noise and vibrations that hindered the continuous process of juicing. Generally, the juicers had to be paused in between operations.

On the other hand, the Omega O2 model has been especially designed for smooth operation and processing for hours. It is also a quieter juicer and is very easy to operate. Here are my positives and negatives for this juicer.

My review of this product is:

Product Positives

Easy to clean: The parts are easy to clean and a simple wash get rids of all the pulp.

Quick, Simple Juicing: The shredder of this centrifugal juicer makes the whole process of making juices a breeze!

Well-built and quiet: The machine is quiet and comes with a five year warranty.

Customer service: Omega has one of the best customer services.

Product Negatives 

Just like other centrifugal juicers, the Omega O2 juicer is tricky when it comes to juicing leafy vegetables. The results are not fantastic.

Customers question the juice quality of the Omega O2 juicer compared to the Omega 4000 juicer. There is additional air introduced into the juice because of its low powered centrifugal motor.

The mouth of the juicer is a little narrower for big pieces of fruits and vegetables. So, you will need to cut them into smaller pieces.


The Omega O2 juicer is considered to be one of the best electric processors available in the market today. The product is highly preferred over other juicers due to its fast speed and various advanced features. The design includes a vegetable juicer and pulp ejector system and delivers an ultra quiet and smooth operation. Many customers have used this product and found it very reliable and efficient.


  • This juicer is very economical and comes with plenty of excellent additional features.
  • It comes with the utmost reliability and a 5 year warranty.
  • Extremely quiet and smooth operation, i.e. it does not vibrate.
  • Basket removable blade and stainless steel blade are available for easy clean-up.
  • The system works at a relatively high speed of 6200 RPM.
  • Due to high speed, the juicing process is extremely fast and efficient and produces smooth juice.
  • The juice doesn’t drip out.

Overall, a good buy at a cheap price.